The International Network of Street Workers organised by CPCS International and coordinated by Dynamo International concluded a week of meetings/workshops about children rights, street-based work. More than 30 countries were represented.

The recommendation 21 of The Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) that monitors implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child by its State parties and specifically addressing needs of Children’s in Street Situations was one of of our Major Subject of discussions including for Nepal and other Asian Country (Hong-Kong China), East-Timor, India, Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam was represented) (

 On the 22th October, the inauguration took place in Godawari Godawari, Lalitpur, Nepal – organized by CPCS, Child Protection Centers and Services-International and Dynamo International. We were so pleased to enjoy the attendance of the Honourable Minister of labour and Social Security, Mr. Gokarna  Bista, H.E Puri (Ambassador of India), H.E Leger (Ambassador of France), Mister Gauri Pradhan (Human Rights Activist),  Mr. Krishna Bdr. Raj Bhandari (DSP – Police – 104) and representatives of local Ministries, Embassies, CCWB-Police NGO’s.

The Honourable Minister Gokarna Bista declared that the Nepalese Government is actively working on new laws/policies ensuring INGO’s and NGO’s really involve for the best interests of Children a result-oriented and comprehensive environment. The Government and NGO’s together can help to address the challenges, needs and difficulties faced by thousands of Nepali Children.

His Excellency, the Indian Ambassador Puri, thanked CPCS former director and now Asian Coordinator for the Network, mister Jean-Christophe Ryckmans and all CPCS International team for their work. His Excellency and his wife were themselves fundraising to support Nepal in 2016 while the Ambassador was serving in Brussels (Belgium).

Mister Edwin de Boevé (International Director of Dynamo) and Mister Gauri Pradhan (former Human Rights Commission member and CWIN founder) explained the dramatic situation faced by millions of children all over the world and the ways to back support them with efficiency, respect, compassion. Street-Based work has been recognized as a main path to build trust with children living on the street, without basic care, love and basic rights) Working with them with professionalism, respect and care is a difficult challenge, day after day, all over the world, Social Street Workers do their best to ensure they can progressively come back into society and become an active member.

Social Street Workers from various countries (34), Nepalese Social Workers along with children and youth at risk from a variety of organizations (CWIN, VOC, CONCERN, Shangrila, Ama Ghar, Sober) shared their experiences about street-life, street-work, and child protection. Children and Youth showed their talents with dances, dramas, and songs. (thanks to the International French School kids too who showed their great dance)

This week was a time of joy and sharing, right between Dashain and Tihar. While focusing on child rights, child protection, deinstitutionalization, family-based care and obviously the importance of street-based work, the children and the adults also enjoyed a great time in the beautiful Country of Nepal.

“Street-life, Child Protection and better care practices” was the title of the “conference”. It was supported by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ project ASYA (Advocacy for Street based Youth work and networking Action), the National Center of Development Cooperation from Belgium and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

International Meeting of Street Workers

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